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To serve as a resource to local Crime Stoppers programs by: 
  • Providing uniform program standards
  • Promoting the sharing of information
  • Promoting an atmosphere that reduces crime

The Virginia Crime Stoppers Association, Inc. (VCSA) is an alliance of local Crime Stoppers, Crime Solvers and Crime Line programs within the Commonwealth of Virginia. It's primary function is to provide informational support to local jurisdictions wanting to begin Crime Stoppers-type programs, and to provide tools and information to existing programs wanting to improve functionality. This assistance is provided through annual training symposiums, yet can also be provided on a program-by-program basis.

Since 1983, the VCSA has grown from six programs in the greater Richmond area to over 56 programs throughout the state.  Of the 95 counties in Virginia, 57 are affiliated with a Crime Stoppers program, and there are 12 independent cities affiliated with a program, as well. Crime Stoppers programs now serve 85% of Virginia's population. Virginia's Crime Stoppers programs make up 5.5% of the 1,017 known programs in the United States, and 4.7% of 1,200 known programs world-wide.


Large or small, every member program provides valuable information which could help other local programs. The dedication of each of the civilian board members, law-enforcement agencies, and media partners makes Crime Stoppers, Crime Solvers and Crime Line programs successful!

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or thoughts about the Crime Solvers/Stoppers/Line concept here in Virginia.

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