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About Us

We're Here For You

The VCSA is here to help jurisdictions within the Commonwealth of Virginia start Crime Solvers/Stoppers programs in their areas, as well as to support programs that are already established. The VCSA even helped draft a law to help protect Crime Solvers records, thus further protecting tipsters.

Great Training Makes Great Programs

Each year, the VCSA brings together local programs to talk about "Best practices" in tip taking, marketing, fundraising, and more.  The goal is to help good programs become better, and better programs to become the best they can be in serving their communities.

Growth Means More Will Know

Since 1983, the VCSA has grown from six programs in the greater Richmond area to over 56 programs throughout the state.  Of the 95 counties in Virginia, 57 are affiliated with a Crime Stoppers program, and there are 12 independent cities affiliated with a program, as well.   Crime Stoppers programs now serve 85% of Virginia's population.  Virginia's Crime Stoppers programs make up 5.5% of the 1,017 known programs in the United States, and 4.7% of 1,200 known programs world-wide.

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