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These links will take you to Virginia's laws affecting/regulating
Crime Solvers/Stoppers/Line programs.  Program coordinators, especially, are encouraged to become intimately familiar with at least these codes.

§ 15.2-1713.1.
Local "Crime Stoppers" programs; confidentiality

This is the code section that defines a Crime Solvers/Stoppers/Line program, giving that program protections for its records as long as certain legal guidelines are followed.


§ 2.2-3706
Confidentiality of Crime Stoppers Tipsters

This code is directed toward investigating officers.  When a person giving information wants to remain anonymous and is told they can be (which they are by the nature and use of our programs), the officer is obligated to keep them anonymous, even if the identity is discovered during the course of an investigation.
§ 8.01-226.3

§ 22.1-280.2
School Crime Line program

In Virginia, schools have an obligation to develop programs which prevent violence and crime (22.1-279.9).  The creation of school crime lines is listed in the code as an option, and since many jurisdictions already have a Crime Solvers/Stoppers/Line program, it saves School Boards time and resources by partnering with existing programs.


§ 19.2-389 A(11)

Our programs work with sensitive materials and information and with one of our most valuable resources ... our YOUTH.  As such, it is recommended that all programs regularly check criminal records of their members and applying members.